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There was much consternation at the “theatre of dreams” on Sunday when Tevez made everybody know that his manager wasn’t too keen on making his deal a permanent one. Of course most of the fans love him for his industry and committment, but his manager has always been very reluctant to pay another 22 million pounds to secure his services.

First and foremost, I believe Fergie is not convinced about the 32 million pound evaluation of player who hasn’t scored very many this season. Add to this the twisted technicalities involved in paying an agent this giant sum of money. This has never been done in the history of the game.

There aren’t many roles that Tevez can perform in this current United squad. In order to accommodate Tevez and Berbatov, Rooney has sacrificed himself on the left side of midfield. There aren’t many permutations possible for Fergie to accommodate all of his big four at the same time. When they play together the only player who can play on the wing and help his team defensively is Rooney. The formations that Fergie has used in the past two seasons have been quite variegated. 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-3-2-1, 4-2-3-1 etc. But the only formation that can accommodate all of the big four is 4-2-4 which is very attacking.

Quoting Paul Doyle of the Guardian,”Tevez is a rich man’s Dirk Kuyt”. I agree with him on this(with no disrespect to Kuyt). If Tevez goes, who can Fergie bring in? Of course he would want a striker who is versatile and somebody who can do the dogs work. Although most of the United fans will disagree with me, Tevez is not indispensable to United. Fergie developed this squad around Ronaldo and Rooney with oldies like Giggs, Scholes and Neville to guide them.

Options that Fergie might consider if he decides to let Tevez go:

1. David Villa: Similar to the Tevez issue, but a much better number 9 than Carlitos. Tevez is not a no.9 or even a no.10. He is a bit of both. We have Berbatov who is exactly that and after Van Nistelrooy’s departure, we need a number 9 who can score 20-25 goals a season. Ronaldo is doing that job for now.

2. Benzema: One might question Rooney’s role when Benzema is in, but he is known to have precocious adaptibility and might be a great choice to play along side Rooney, Berbatov and Ronaldo.

3. Valencia: A winger who can defend and go forward but will he able to replicate the goal scoring rate of Ronaldo or Ronney?

4. Ribery: This might happen if Ronaldo decides to leave. Ribery will be asked to fill the void left behind by Ronaldo and Ribery is bound to have his critics in his first season because it is a very tough task to replicate Ronaldo’s goal scoring from the wings.

Mind you, this is just a list that sprang to my mind. Fergie is capable of even stunning a seasoned Football journalist with a master swoop for somebody who is real established star. Watch out for transfer activity next season. I have a feeling there will be only one signing but nevertheless a huge one.